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September 29th 2014, 5:33:00 pm · 5 hours ago
Did you see the new BI at Crazy Days and Nights? I think it’s about KStew: She has never been shy about shocking the world or keeping a secret. She can do both. Right now though she might be hiding the biggest secret out there. Only back in LA for a few days before heading out again, this closeted A- list mostly movie actress got married to her girlfriend. Oh how a certain portion of fandom will go crazy when she finally talks about it. Oh, and she will. 

Adorably funny. And you know what people?

This is not homophobic. Just an opinion based on observations. And I am not the only one.


Kristen come out already. 

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To say that Kristen Stewart is gay, is to be honest, not homophobic.

Being homosexual is not a crime.

Being racist, yes.

poopscoopstew :

¿Se casan Kristen Aliciaboy? Congrats ustedes dos pájaros del amor ❤️👬

poopscoopstew :

¿Se casan Kristen Aliciaboy? Congrats ustedes dos pájaros del amor ❤️👬


Anonymous said: I sense a bit of hypocrisy here. I understand that most robsten shippers are fucking mental and they've been slamming a lot of hate on rob for dating twigs, but nonstens have been doing that to kristen for ages—if not much longer.Homophic slurs have been placed on Kristen and that's just as bad as racist slurs being placed on Twigs. None of them deserve all that hate.





Who gives a flying fuck about Kristen GODDAMN stewart piece of shitbag. She deserves all, she made her bed I have no sorrow for her not even pity. 

And it’s bullshit, none of those who criticize Stewart - none that I’ve read - do so based on sexuality.  It’s entirely based on her being a piece of shit, liar, asshole, hypocrite and arrogant, ignorant, callous betrayer.

Being gay or straight had nothing to do with her betrayal, or the fact that she herself is comfortable with hurting the most defenseless of people - small children.  For that alone she deserves ZERO pity.

Neither gay nor straight has a monopoly on being a worthless piece of shit, neither gay nor straight is excluded from being evil; that comes from deep within, from (a lack of) humanity that is not based on sexuality (or gender) whatsoever.  And whether gay or straight, Stewart has demonstrated that she is a “shitbag.” 


Well said ladies.

One of the problems I see here is this shallow one sided view of what hate is based on whether they agree with you or not. If you comment on someone, or state that you don’t agree with them, or have issues with the way they act, or the terrible things they have done. People jump on you saying you are hateful. 

Asking why someone does not come out of the closet. Asking if someone is Gay is not homophobic since she plays the “keep them guessing” card and looks and acts a certain way. And those of you who follow me and read my blogs, and know me, know that is not the case. But this is based on observation and no hateful comments are made. Especially since the Gay community is questioning as well. And honestly I do not care about her sexuality, only her honesty.

Like I said, Questioning and discussing is not hate. But I will say I judge the obvious based on my moral compass when it comes to someones behavior. When I do that I am hateful as well according to some. The Horrific behavior of a delusional frandom of a person they have named their Queen and Hero. That alone makes me feel free to comment and judge on my blog.

She should be an example for parents to show their girls; what NOT to become. Never hide who you are, not for money or fame. Never use your sexuality to advance yourself, you are better then that. Be courteous to others; treat them as you expect to be treated. Use your station in life for good, not bad, because it will come back to you and make you a better person. Giving is a joyous experience and never should be thought of as a burden. None of this is Hate, it is TRUTH. It is called GOOD PARENTING

Yes the real problem is some people have a hard time separating hate from being truthful. If I don’t agree with someone, it is nothing more then a difference of opinion, not hate.

But what I have seen on the web lately is HATE and beyond. Being called a Monkey. Using the N word. Stating she should die or telling her they are going to kill her. And they have stated she is Gay, a Famewhore, Worthless, Untalented, Can’t Sing, Can’t Dance, Ugly, she Smells, is a Drunk and so much more.

Most say these things and state they have never seen her perform, and never met her, nor do they know anything about her and do not want to, but she is all those things because THEY say so.

I wonder what you would call that then?

noun: prejudice; plural noun: prejudices
  1. 1.
    preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.
    English prejudice against foreigners
    synonyms:preconceived idea, preconception, prejudgment
    male prejudices about women
  2. 2.
    harm or injury that results or may result from some action or judgment.
    prejudice resulting from delay in the institution of the proceedings
    synonyms:detriment, harm, damage, injury, hurt, loss
    without prejudice to the interests of others
verb: prejudice; 3rd person present: prejudices; past tense: prejudiced; past participle: prejudiced; gerund or present participle: prejudicing
  1. 1.
    give rise to prejudice in (someone); make biased.
    the statement might prejudice the jury
    synonyms:bias, influence, sway, predispose, make biased, make partial, color
    the article could prejudice the jury
  2. 2.
    cause harm to (a state of affairs).
    delay is likely to prejudice the child’s welfare


You’re right, honey. There’s no excuse for that racist harassment Rob and his girl are going through. What you, and many others here, say about Kristen is just the truth. You can see it in her interviews. You don’t have to “make up” a story. And you don’t have to be a smartass to understand what exactly Kristen means in her interviews and the way she behaves.

The thing is not being homophobic. What it’s said here is about the so called honesty that Kristen praises so much but only for others not for her. She says she hates cheaters, and that relationship is anything but honesty. Really?

FKATwigs can’t be blamed for someone’s momentary indiscretion. It’s not her fault. She deserves to be respected. If she’s dating Rob, it’s none of anyone’s business, just theirs.

The worst for me is that some stupid people are saying that we, the true Rob’s fans, are responsible for those hateful comments. We are not. As I said before, we do respect Rob as an actor as well as the man behind the actor. His private life is his business. Someone must be blind to not see how happy, healthy and relaxed he’s now.

I hope that FKATwigs knows that we are deeply sorry for those vile things. 


Not okay! The Internet fires racist remarks at Robert Pattinson’s new girlfriend.
Click here for her applause-worthy response!


Not okay! The Internet fires racist remarks at Robert Pattinson’s new girlfriend.

Click here for her applause-worthy response!

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Krisbian Rodent Army attacked FKA twigs with racist slurs and then blame other people and want revenge when media called them out for being ugly racists. Racism is not “criticism.”